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Massage appointment, the best way to book a massage session at is through our online booking system. Select your service of choice below and follow the instructions. You can see which massage appointment times are available and receive confirmation upon booking.

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Asian Therapy — What To Expect?

Massage appointment- Massage Therapy-Asian Massage- Room Massage Las Vegas
  • We offer 60 minute massage sessions.
  • All clients should be over 18 years of age.
  • We accept tips.
Outcall: $250 per 60 minute session (Full body massage)
Outcall: $300 per 60 minute session (Erotic massage)
Outcall: $600 per 60 minute session (2 therapist)
Incall: $250 per 60 minute session (Full body massage)


Payment is required at check-in prior to receiving your massage session.


We offer all type of massage sessions.

  • The massage style is determined therapists may incorporate Deep Tissue, and other styles depending upon consulting.
  • We are able to accommodate requests for styles, discuss with therapists prior session starts.
  • Therapists are randomly assigned. We are unable to accommodate requests for specific massage therapists.
  • Clients should wear loose, comfortable pants and tops. Jeans and skirts may limit the effectiveness to performs massage
  • All sessions begin and end on time.
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